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NEWS is back online

After some down time for the purpose of updating the structure of the site.

Also, much of the material from last year is currently being updated and it will be added progressively over the next few months.

Finally, many thanks to all those from all over the world who have expressed their thanks for the material included on this site last year and who have also  contributed suggestions for improving the site.
Micro Arial Vehicle Simulation

coming soon to

UAV Conceptual Design Competion 2013-14

Presentations for this year's Conceptual UAV Design Competion are now available. They are located on the 'Gallery' section under 'Students'. Over the next few months the winning teams will be proceeding with the manufacture of 6 UAV prototypes. Flight tests are scheduled for April, flight test videos will also be available soon after!


Moodle is now available on

The Moodle Virtual Learning Environment at has now been updated to Moodle vesion 1.19.9.

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