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The download area is currently being updated. It is expected that more downloads, including OpenFOAM tutorials, videos and Fluid Mechanics lecture notes will be made available throughout the academic year 2013-14.



This is a set of post-processing utilities written in Matlab to facilitate the post-processing of OpenFOAM cases when simulation results are extracted with OpenFOAM's built-in utilities sample and probes. The scripts were written within the Octave environment, however, they have been tested in Matlab for compatibility. FOAMat is a (very) beta release, however, it is constant development. The following versions are available:
Works with OpenFOAM 2.1
Works with OpenFoam 2.2.x
Works with OpenFOAM 1.7
Works with OpenFOAM 2.0
Works with OpenFOAM 2.1 or lower

A version of FOAMat for OpenFOAM-2.2.x is currently being prepared. This has been necessary due to a change in the source code introduced in OpenFOAM-2.2.x. This change affects the directories were the sample and probes utitiles store results.

K-Kl-Omega 3-equation transition model

A revised version of the 3-equation transition model is available for download on the link below. The modification/s to the original model proposed by Walters et al. (A three-equation eddy-viscosity model for reynolds-averaged navier-stokes simulations of transitional flow, Journal of Fluids Engineering 130 (12) 2008) as highlight by Medina et al. (Modelling transition due to backward-facing steps using the laminar kinetic energy concept. European Journal of Mechanics /B - Fluids - accessible on the publications section at The model has been implemented in OpenFOAM
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